Comcast Should Treat Their Customers Better

Dave Winer has a post out this morning about some incredibly terrible service he received from your friends over at Comcast where they kinda sorta called him a criminal. Apparently he’s got some kind of high-end high speed internet service from them where he pays them $180 a month, but they still thought he was using more internet than he should.

What a crappy company.

Dave speculates that the reason why his bandwidth usage was so high was that he’s using his program FlickrFan on 5 Macs. FlickrFan allows you to download all of your contact’s flickr photos and keep them in a slide show to watch on your high def TV.

I’ve used a similar service with Slickr. Slickr allows you to download large sized version of your Flickr favorites to your hard drive.

I download my favorite photos from Flickr (I’ve got over 33,000 photos marked as favorites on Flickr at present) and then put them in a folder where my Media Center PC can access them. I can then watch giant full screen slide shows of my favorite Flickr photos on plasma screens around my house.

Some of your photos on Flickr look really, really, really cool on a 58 inch plasma floating across the screen with music playing in the background.

I haven’t tried Dave’s service yet, but I’d guess it works similarly to Slickr.

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  1. Badaboom says:

    FlickrFan also gets feeds from AP and AFP, whcih can deliver 1000 or more medium-resolution pictures per day. You of all people should try it — the pictures are from all over the world, and the best photographers (at least by my standards). Dave