5 Replies to “Rumors Circulating on the New Canon EOS 5D Mark III”

  1. A grain of salt indeed. I waited until PMA to see what was announced, but after that I decided to just pull the trigger and buy a 5D. A new camera won’t make this one any less awesome. And besides, $2000 is more my style than $3500.

    Oh, and don’t you mean Mark II?

  2. very cool if true but until then its a chunk of rock salt. not a grain. 🙂
    I want to see an XSi at 12.2 MP to see what it does. Live View would be nice.

  3. The rumour is so obviously complete bullshit..

    People have been posting every day in DPReview about a “rumoured 5D mk2/6D” for at least 2 years.

    And “25600 ISO” – better than the 1Ds Mk III – yeah, right..

    I honestly can’t believe gizmodo reported this..

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