On Hillary Clinton

The Long Defeat – New York Times

David Brooks has an interesting editorial on Hillary Clinton this morning over at the New York Times. Brooks suggests that by continuing to run, with only a 5% chance of winning the Democratic nomination, that the damage caused by Hillary over the course of the next 3 months will do more to hurt Obama against McCain than hurt Obama against herself. He says that Hillary possesses the audacity of hopelessness.

“For the sake of that 5 percent, this will be the sourest spring. About a fifth of Clinton and Obama supporters now say they wouldn’t vote for the other candidate in the general election. Meanwhile, on the other side, voters get an unobstructed view of the Republican nominee. John McCain’s approval ratings have soared 11 points. He is now viewed positively by 67 percent of Americans. A month ago, McCain was losing to Obama among independents by double digits in a general election matchup. Now McCain has a lead among this group.

For three more months, Clinton is likely to hurt Obama even more against McCain, without hurting him against herself. And all this is happening so she can preserve that 5 percent chance.”