First Zooomr Survey

Always Breaking — First Zooomr Survey

Gary H has put out his first Zooomr survey. Perhaps not exactly scientific but…

According to the survey:

“Here’s what I learned about Zooomr users: They’re almost all guys who live all over the world, most like Barack Obama, use Windows, and use a DSLR camera.”

Click through the link above to see the entire survey and read more.

5 Replies to “First Zooomr Survey”

  1. Interesting Stats. Right now I’m just finding flickr a lot easier to use. What I love is the traffic stats. I think social sites are missing out on the value of offering stats to there users. I think a lot of users CARE about stats. As an example. I can tell how many people are viewing my pictures so that I can know that people are at least VIEWING my pictures since many of them never leave a comment. This is why I think a lot of blogs fail (among other reasons) because if someone doesn’t know that what they are posting is being seen then they won’t be as open to keeping up a blog that nobody cares about in there view. Does the flickr blogging platform come with a Pro account or does Thomas just post reallllllly long descriptions?

  2. Does the flickr blogging platform come with a Pro account or does Thomas just post reallllllly long descriptions?

    I post really long descriptions and sometimes actual duplicate blog posts to some of my photos that I use with blog stories on Flickr. Flickr used to limit the number of characters in a photo’s description (I think), but at present I believe that any photo’s description can except long blocks of text similar to blogging.

    I’m curious, what’s your current status with Zooomr?

    I’m the CEO and Evangelist of Zooomr.

    And why are you back and so active on Flickr after dis’ing it so much?

    I left Flickr a number of months back after what I felt was excessive censorship by the site along with a desire to focus more of my online work on Zooomr.

    What I found that I missed were many of my contacts on Flickr that were not on Zooomr.

    While I’m still not comfortable with Flickr’s censorship, I’ve decided that the good (interacting with my Flickr contacts) outweighs that for the time being — for me personally.

    So I post to both Flickr and Zooomr now and participate on both sites. I have time to participate on both and I think both have interesting things to offer.

  3. Thomas, Thanks for posting the link. I was surprised when I saw the headline in Google Reader. I’m glad you took the time to look it over.

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