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  1. Unless I missed a post on the Zooomr Blog, so far all we have heard Kris talk about is the new mobile and social networking features that appear to only be available in Japan and now some new Zipline feature that it looks like we will get to use here in the US. What I haven’t heard him talk about, except for a couple of teases over the past several months, is what new (non mobile) features we will see on the WEB SITE and more importantly what bugs will be fixed and what MkII features will we be getting back. (Like track backs, a working Geo coding/mapping system, consistent and accurate EXIF data on photos, better/more reliable uploading like juploader to name only a few features that are important to me.) Quite honestly, not EVERYONE is thrilled with mobile or interested in social networks. Personally I am looking for a great place to share my photos with an active and constructive community around that. I really have little interest in sitting around twittering or zipping all day. The forums provide the communications vehicle that meets my neads. Zooomr was originally touted as a photo sharing site. I hope that kris and those who are driving the development road map don’t loose track of the original goal. If that goal has changed, so be it, but it would be nice to know what the focus is going to be going forward, so those of us who want a photo sharing site and not a mobile centric social networking site can find a more appropriate home.

  2. JeffH, Zooomr 2008 fixes lots of issues we’ve had around EXIF and Metadata capturing. We’ve rebuilt the entire uploading sub-system and it now supports over 150 different kinds of metadata including EXIF, IPTC and XMP.

    Outside of the US, people are taking photos and sharing experiences on mobile devices — it’s a great opportunity for us to show how it’s done right.

    We want to help people share photos in all possible ways: Web and Mobile, alike.

    cto & founder – zooomr

  3. Kris, thanks for the response to my comment. I’m definitely looking forward to 3/8/08 to see what the future holds for Zooomr.

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