XBox 360 With Blu-ray?

XBox 360

Rumors are out that Microsoft might have a Blu-ray XBox 360 out by May. Sounds interesting. Given that an XBox is also a great game playing device and Media Center extender — and given that Blu-ray seems to be the agreed upon high def format for DVDs going forward — and given that Netflix (which I love) is behind the Blu-Ray format…

…well, given all that, I’d probably almost certainly buy one if they were out this May.

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  1. did anyone tell you you are a wealthy spoiled little kid complaining his toys don’t work properly ?

  2. Waste of money. All these disc formats are going the way of the dodo within the next few years. Hell, we don’t buy them anymore and we have a huge collection. We’re transferring as much as we care about and forgetting the discs exist.

    Plus, on Xbox Live you can purchase movies and TV shows, in HD. They’re actually good (recently bought all of episodes for the new Terminator tv show, for example). The cost is so low for the episodes that it beats out hunting for torrents.

    Discs are dead man.

  3. I think BluRay is pretty insignificant except for major home theater aficionados.

    I’ll take faster downloads (which I would want to OWN!) than a bunch of discs and an expensive slot.

    I still thought HD-DVD was better for the small medium between DVD and full downloads, because it was more cheaper, better interactive features, and the name sounded better.

    Oh well. Silly consumers.

  4. Wow, did everyone else miss the fact that the 360 is a kick-ass game machine? And a great media extender? So toss in a Blu-Ray and it does everything I need in just one box.

    Assuming it isn’t an external add-on…

  5. I’ll take faster downloads (which I would want to OWN!) than a bunch of discs and an expensive slot.

    I wouldn’t really buy DVDs as much as get them from Netflix. I’m more of a watch a movie once and that’s it sort of guy than someone who wants to own the DVD and watch it over and over again. Since Netflix supports Blu-Ray this would make a lot of sense for me.

  6. You can stream HD movies through your Xbox from your PC to watch Blu-ray HD movies. Unfortunately mine got the three rings of death a few weeks ago. Looks like its going to be awhile before I get it fixed.

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