“Soft on Crime” “Do Nothing” Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums Parties With Hillary, In Other News, Mom of 8-Month Old Baby Killed in Oakland This Weekend

Two women shot and killed in Oakland So over the weekend I wrote a post critical of “Soft on Crime” “do nothing” Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and his decision to go hang out and party with Hillarious Clinton (he’s her “Senior Advisor” on Urban Issues or something like that) while the bloodshed and violence continues to rip Oakland apart.

And of course, as you’d expect, we had five more murders in Oakland this weekend. In addition to two women who were found shot and killed in a van in East Oakland last night, the day before a mother holding her 8-month old baby, yes, you read that right, a mother holding her 8-month old baby was also shot and killed in East Oakland. You know what Dellums was doing on Friday night as this weekend murder spree was starting? He was partying (not in Oakland) in San Francisco with folks like SF Mayor Gavin Newsom, Hillarious Clinton and her big shot movie star friends like Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson along with the rest of the mucky mucks.

Are any of you out there fathers? Can you imagine what it would be like to lose your wife, the mother of your child with an 8-month old? Not to add to the tragedy, but the same mother’s 5-year old daughter was in the house when her mom was gunned down as well. This family’s life will never be the same again. Hey, but at least Ron Dellums got to put his suit on and hang out with the big wigs at San Francisco’s Orpheum.

What the hell is “Soft on Crime” Ron Dellums doing about the killings and violence in Oakland?


He’s the “Do Nothing” political opportunist mayor. The only good thing is that maybe if Hillarious gets elected he’ll quit as Mayor and, being the political opportunist that he is, leave Oakland for greener Federal pastures.

So what was Mayor Dellums talking about on Friday night? From MSNBC:

“Dellums spoke powerfully about why he supported Clinton, saying he had come to his decision after extensive research on the candidates’ ideas about how to help America’s urban centers. “I read a quote that was so powerful that it brought tears to my eyes and I went into my bedroom and I said to my wife, ‘Listen to this quote.’ The quote said, ‘Our continued acceptance of racial disparities in health care, in education and in economics is intolerable, unacceptable and un-American. What a powerful statement,” he said. “That statement was made by Sen. Clinton.””

Hey Ron. While you were getting all welled up inside over a quote from Hillarious Clinton, a mother was shot in the face while she held her 8-month old baby. How’s that for a tear-jerker buddy? An 8-month old and a 5-year old don’t get their mom anymore. Let me ask you this, did you order the chicken or the fish with your dinner on Friday night? How was the tiramisu by the way?

Mayor Dellums needs to get the guns off the streets of Oakland. He needs to declare a “War on Crime” in the city of Oakland and he needs to lobby for stiff new mandatory sentences for criminals caught with illegal guns. How many more 8-month old babies need to lose their mothers before “do nothing” Dellums finally gets around to doing something.

Someone needs to hold Dellums accountable for the crime and violence in Oakland. Someone needs to do something to try and take the guns away from the bad guys that keep murdering again and again and again. The fact of the matter is that criminals know that getting caught with an illegal gun will only get them a slap on the wrist. Maybe they’ll serve some jail time, maybe they won’t. This needs to change. The violence needs to stop.

This weekend’s killings and Dellum’s continued lack of attention should not go unaccounted for.

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  1. I love your nickname for Mr. Dellums. i always knew him as Ron “Red” Dellums for his socialist leanings, but your works better. What has Oakland been thinking electing this man after their equally bad choice of Jerry Brown. For these folks, it means more what they say and not what they do. Mr. Dellums would surely tell anyone who will listen that he is doing all he can to prevent crime while out partying, like you have detailed. Maybe Oakland will learn this time. Otherwise, I say buyer be warned, you got what you voted for.

  2. Here’s the new mantra for Oakland: The Philadelphia of the West Coast. Seems like you may need to take your voice and activism to a local level to get any traction on this.

    Also, not to make light of what is clearly a horrible situation, but have you considered wearing a bulletproof vest? Or you could just carry a series of Ipods strategically placed, its worked for the US Military!


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