Pownce Drops Invite Only, Now Open to All


Got an email from Pownce today. Pownce is now allowing anyone to sign up for the service. Pownce is my favorite personal notification service. My favorite features are that I can add photos as well as send mp3s to my friends.

If you want to add me on Pownce you can do that here.

More details from the Pownce email here:

What’s new with Pownce?

We recently launched the site officially and now everyone can join! Over the past few months, we’ve been quietly adding features:

– No invites are required, everyone can join!

– Import your friends. Find your Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Flickr friends easily on Pownce.

– Pownce mobile site! http://m.pownce.com

– Choose from more themes or go pro and build your own.

– View videos and images in your notes.

– Keep track of your events with improved calendar views.

– Get email notifications with the full text of the note.

We’ve got more features on the way. Thanks to everyone who registered already and special thanks to people who helped us identify and squash bugs.

Happy Valentines Day! We love our community, thanks for being part of it!

One Reply to “Pownce Drops Invite Only, Now Open to All”

  1. So I’ve been a member of Pownce for a while. I haven’t really thought much of it but now they have the option of photos and linkage and stuff it’s really quite interesting.

    I lo of great blogs like this one I’m kind of tempted to make pownce my home base. I just have a problem with committing to a blog style social network that I can’t export or control. What would be AWESOME! is something like Pownce that lets export the database so that I can import it into WordPress or some other kind blogging format.

    I think this is what Google is trying to do but I don’t remember the name of the project. Really who can keep up with all of GOOGLES projects anyways?!?!?!?

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