If I Were Microsoft I’d Drop a Buck a Share Off My Offer for Yahoo! at This Point

Google, Er, Yahoo Car Needs a Bath

BOARD BUCKS YANG – New York Post Ok, the New York Post points to growing consternation on the Yahoo! Board of Directors regarding Jerry Yang’s power trip position to do *anything* but sell the company to Microsoft.

If I were Microsoft (and believe me, they’d never have a Yahoo like me running the show over there) I’d drop my offer a buck a share at this point. Obviously Yang is on the outs with the majority of the board and I’d use the price drop to point out my unhappiness with his bellyaching — especially given that by dragging his heels on the deal that this certainly could potentially be pushing quality new Microsofties out the door before a merger can happen.

I’d send a new letter to Yahoo! turning up the heat and pointing out that by dragging his heels Yang is hurting the company.

Yahoo will not be getting a better deal anytime soon in this decade. The best thing that they can do now is take the Microsoft deal as offered even if it means feeding old Jerry and his ego to the chipper.

4 Replies to “If I Were Microsoft I’d Drop a Buck a Share Off My Offer for Yahoo! at This Point”

  1. Selling out to Microsoft may seem like a good idea on financial paper, but it would surely be the death of Yahoo.

    Microsoft only wants YHOO to augment their search position because they haven’t been able to compete with Google themselves. Everything else would get thrown away or slowly die.

    If you’ve worked to build a company you surely don’t want to watch it die at the hands of Microsoft.

  2. In fact, it seems odd to me that you advocate selling out Yahoo but are intent on remaining in and fighting for Oakland.

    Wouldn’t the prudent thing be to leave Oakland, just like the selling out of Yahoo you advocate?

    (Yes, I realize it may seem odd to you that I advocate leaving oakland but keeping Yahoo)

  3. Transmist, I see no difference between Yahoo! and Microsoft. Both are corporate entities. Neither one better than the other. Both are likely to censor and pursue their own self interests. Yahoo is directionless in my opinion so no worse going to MSFT and maybe they get some synergies out of things like Flickr with Media Center.

    Oakland is beautiful. It’s a tragedy that it’s so crime ridden. I’m hoping to stay and fight to change that. I’m going to go shoot photos of Dellums on Tuesday morning. I believe that Oakland can be saved, I’m not sure I can say the same thing for Yahoo.

  4. I agree. I too would start lowering the price since Y!’s cutting off the good parts, and leaving the main mess it still is.

    Yang’s only making shareholders angry, keeping employees in constant worry, and limiting the postive impact the merger could bring.

    Microsoft could spend far better money on doing other stuff, than buying a company from such a stuffy emotional CEO.

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