A Short Interview With Leah Culver of Pownce

iPhone With LeahLeah Culver, 25, writes the code that powers Pownce (Tech Confidential – Behind The Money Blog)

I really enjoy Pownce. I like it a lot more than Twitter because I can post photos there and I can also use it to send mp3s to my friends.

Leah Culver codes Pownce and the Deal blog has a short interview up with her at the link above.

Photo credit for the Deal’s photo of Leah by the way is Thomas Hawk. 😉

2 Replies to “A Short Interview With Leah Culver of Pownce”

  1. Hey Thomas, when I first saw this article I noticed that they are using your photo with no attribution back to you. I know that you’re always very cool about other people using your photos but doesn’t it bug you when they don’t provide a photo credit?

  2. Mike, I’m perfectly fine with them using the photo. They added a photo credit after the fact by the way.

    I’m just happy that Leah seems to like the photo and uses it alot.

    I emailed them about the photo credit and they added it in.

    I try not to get too worked up about that sort of thing. Happens all the time.

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