Scoble to Start New Video Broadcast Network / Community for Fast Company

Scoble and His Gear

Why were going to ? Scobleizer Tech geek blogger

My friend Robert Scoble is leaving Podtech to start a new video broadcast service / online community for Fast Company called Robert’s fantastic editor and producer Rocky Barbanica will be joining him.

The new site will open on March 3.

According to Robert part of why he is doing this is because it allows him to do the things he loves while having a company behind him to do alot of the things that he’d rather not do. “I dont love doing much except for interviewing and blogging and my family,” said Scoble. “Id rather focus more of my energies on getting great content than on finding and keeping great people).”

I’m looking forward to watching Scoble at his new TV home and am excited about the potential and what he has in mind for

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  1. I better, after investing $5,000 in a Canon 5D! Speaking of which, Thomas, it’s time we did another one.

    –Robert Scoble

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