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“A single tattered automobile sits under the spotlight awaiting its next victorious stroll throught the scattered city. Many years ago it cruised these streets with pride. This concrete jungle was no match for it’s crome rims and canary yellow paint job. It ruled the streets, this beauty of a car. It compared to the Grease Lightning car of its day with flames shooting out the back, racing all other cars in its path. It was the champion of these back Chicago streets. Now it just sat, gathering some dust, watching the competition blow by day after day. Why had it been neglected after so many years of countless victories?
There was man, however, who took much notice of the car as he passed it from day to day on his way to work at the mechanics shop near by. He was intrigued by it, dreaming of what he would do with such a car if it were his own. He often spoke to the car in the early mornings when no one else was around.
Yes, it was a day they both looked forward to.”

Part of a collaborative writing project that my photos were recently used for.

Tell me a story – a photoset on Flickr One of the things that excites me the most about my imagery is when others use them to collaborate artistically. I’ve had people paint my photographs, use them in collages and multi media form, remix and turn them into entirely new images, etc.

So I was super pleased to receive an email from Joe Bruzzese, an instructor at Westmont College, telling me about a creative writing project that he recently used my images for. He used my images for a course that he teaches called “Teachers Using Technology,” as part of a collaborative writing project.

The above photo goes with the story above. I thought it was thoughtful and beautiful and was honored that my imagery could evoke stories like these from others. Online artistic collaboration with strangers is one of the most exciting things that the internet has to offer in my opinion.

Click through here to check out all of my photos that stories were written to.

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  1. I took advanced English classes in high school. Oh no! I just dated myself, they’re AP classes now. Anyway, we had a weekly assignment called “A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words.” Our teacher would post a new picture every week on his bulletin board and we all had to write exactly 1000 words. The top 5 were read in class, and I remember it being very competitive to be one of the top 5. Good times! Thanks for the memory.

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