The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Missed Two Deadlines

One of the things that I did on my recent trip to New York City was visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was one of the most spectacular museums I’ve ever visited in the United States. Even better, they allow photography in most of the galleries. This, in stark contrast, to less enlightened museums like the SFMOMA who restrict all photography.

I’ve started publishing photographs from my visit to the Met. I only have 50 or so photos published so far, but when these sets are finished they should run 400-500 photos.

I love shooting art and have other collections from other museums. As my photography develops I anticipate building larger and larger collections of photographs from museums around the world.

My own interpretation of the art typically involves some minor reinterpretation. I might select only a small detail portion of a painting to shoot. I also process all of these shots. Typically I am producing the images with more color and contrast than the original paintings or sculptures themselves because I think that they look better this way. I also typically rename the images to something that I like or that I think sounds more interesting than the original title of a work of art.

You can monitor the status of these sets as they grow from 50 photos to 500 photos at Flickr here and at Zooomr here.

3 Replies to “The Metropolitan Museum of Art”

  1. Interesting effect; makes me dizzy though. Hey are you back on Flickr? What’s the story?

  2. Hey Thomas, thank you for sharing. It’s great to see pieces of art that I may not have seen otherwise.

    One favor. If you can remember whot he artist are on some of these could you put their names in the description of something? I’d love to be able to find some more of their works.

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