Why You Don’t Want to Be Rude to People on the Phone When You Are a Telemarketer

So this one hasn’t broken on digg yet but it will within the next 3 hours or so. In the meantime it’s on the front page of reddit and ought to serve as a prime example as to why you don’t want to be stupidly rude to someone on the phone when you are a telemarketer. Social media payback can be a bitch.

This could be a hoax of course, but as the story is being reported over at the workflow automation blog, apparently a fairly rude telemarketer with a British accent claiming to be the “Director” from someplace called Blueprint Marketing decided to have a go at a guy who is a tad hard of hearing. The resulting telemarketing call ends up in him telling the guy that he’s as “stupid as George Bush.” Probably not the best kind of call to get from someone trying to sell you something. Yikes!

Transcript here.

Update: And there you go, Blueprint Marketing’s website has now been taken down.