The Overpriced HDMI Cable Rip Off

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I hate seeing overpriced cables. $100 for an HDMI cable is definitely a rip off. Avoid the scam.

“So where’s the scam? You can find the scam by going to any big box electronics retailer and looking in the cable aisle. There you will find HDMI cables priced as low as $25 or $30 (if not, definitely head toward your local discount retailer for better prices). But you will also find HDMI cables priced above $100. And if you talk to a sales person, he will definitely be steering you toward the most expensive model. That is the scam. You can understand the scam if you understand how an HDMI cable works and what it does.”

4 Replies to “The Overpriced HDMI Cable Rip Off”

  1. 23 cents, or $.23 is what i paid for 2 meter hdmi cables on amazon. they are now selling for $.15. The shipping is $9. Do I care that the third party seller is making the profit on the shipping/handling? no. I’m still paying under $10 for 2 x 2 meter hdmi cables. Always worth looking around.

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