Can’t They Create a Version of reddit that Filters Out All Political Stories?

I really like the social news site reddit. But lately I’ve been going there less and less. Maybe it’s because presidential politics are in full swing, but I’m so tired of having to sift through stories about George Bush, Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and *especially* Ron Paul.

What used to be an interesting site to find decent news stories has degenerated into a political mudslinging site that is far less interesting to go to than it once was. I don’t think a day has gone by when there hasn’t been multiple stories on the front page of reddit about how polls are canceled or doctored or altered or somehow screwed around with due to Ron Paul. I guess I just don’t care and I wish there were a better way to view the site.

5 Replies to “Can’t They Create a Version of reddit that Filters Out All Political Stories?”

  1. Hey Thomas,

    Setup an account on reddit, and start using the down arrow on political stories. when you have an account on reddit, the default view is the recommended view which display stories tailored against the stories you like.

    If up-mod many programming related stuff and mostly those stories are shown to me.

  2. At first I was trying to figure out what Thomas meant by all the political stories. Then I realized, I only ever read from the programming community there:

    There’s other communities, though:
    * science
    * politics
    * business
    * gadgets
    * sports
    * gaming
    * entertainment

    Maybe you can set up your feed reader to go to just a few select ones?

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