I Can Already Smell How Fantastic the Coffee Smells Up On Market Street…


“I can already smell how fantastic the coffee smells up on Market Street, only one more day, just a few short hours, until Friday. Welcome to San Francisco ladies and gentlemen, Embarcadero Station.” — BART train operator this morning.

Every day the Embarcadero BART station is verbally announced when I step off of it in San Francisco. Most of the time it’s announced in a very fast curt muffled, “Embarcadero Station.” But every so often you get something more personalized when you hit the station, like the greeting that I heard above this morning. It makes me happy that someone would in their own little way try to send off 1,000 or so commuters with a positive message to their morning. That someone sees the world so optimistically and has to share that with someone else. I don’t know much about the man who said those words. I could tell that he was black from his accent. That was about it. I wish I knew who he was so that I could take his portrait and say thanks for his generous spirit.

7 Replies to “I Can Already Smell How Fantastic the Coffee Smells Up On Market Street…”

  1. ..in response to anonymous:

    Have you never noticed this? You’d know when there’s a white guy on the phone. I’d probably know if a Mexican dude called. Who’d mistake one for the other? They often sound distinct.

  2. Hey! I think I was on the same train.

    Only he said:

    “I be already smellin that de-lish-i-ous coffee up dere in dat city, MMM-HMM! In jis a bit, it be friday! Welcome to San Francisco mah homies!”

  3. @anonymous:

    Hey, I think I was on the same train as well! Except I was closer to the driver, and I saw him get out and tap dance on the platform!

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