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Softly She Purrs

The SF SPCA has an animal adoption display going on at the Union Square Macy’s in San Francisco. I took the photo above of this cat as part of the display on the corner of Stockton and O’Farrell streets. If you want a new dog or cat for Christmas you can show up there and get one.

More details on the adoption program here.

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  1. Adopt a pet… sigh.

    It’s nice of you to post this lovely cat picture here and also promote pet adoption, but it would be nicer if you talked about the dark side and how most of the pets end up in adoption in the first place. Maybe, however, you simply do not know. Most were abandoned by people unfit or unwilling to take care of their pet. Also, many of the animals in the pound, however cute they might be, have learned “bad” habits that are usually only broken with dedicated training. Unfortunately, most owners do not take their pets to training believing they can simply do it themselves. Some can, but others give up on the animal and return it believing it to be a bad one. In fact, many people adopt pets from the pound only to later return them to the pound because they didn’t realize the amount of commitment involved. Yes, it is a MAJOR commitment. TEN TO FIFTEEN YEAR COMMITMENT. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

    Pet ownership is a HUGE responsibility, but unfortunately a substantially high number of pet owners are very irresponsible. It should be mandatory for ALL pet owners to first pass an examination before being allowed to adopt OR buy a pet. Potential pet owners should truly do lots of research on the type of animal they wish to purchase before doing so. Animal breeds have different personalities and different characteristics. Not all cats or all dogs are the same, even within the same breed.

    Regarding dogs for example, some are agreesive toward other animals (including, cats, dogs, and other “prey”), others will bound happily over to every animal they see. Some dogs will bark incessantly, while others will leave you wondering if they even know how to bark at all. Some dogs will attack an intruder, while others will wag their tail and lick the feet of an intruder.

    Cats should not be let outdoors to roam free for the safety of the cat. When left to roam free, cats are often attacked by other animals, pick up diseases, and are struck by cars.

    By law, dogs must be on a leash at all times (unless in a legally designated off-leash area), just like people are required to wear safety belts. Just because some people at certain parks have their dogs off-leash doesn’t make it legal. People, especially in California, seem to think that it’s okay to let their dog run (or walk) off the leash in public spaces. It is NOT OK. Aside from being illegal, the problem with an off-leash dog is that it can easily run into the street and get hit, it can approach other dogs and end up in fights causing serious injury to the other dog or itself. Worst of all it could potentially attack someone. A favorite comment by many unfit owners is that “my dog Charlie would never do that type of thing” or “has never done that before.” Of course this means that when something does happen, in the mind of this type of owner it is certainly the fault of the other person (or dog).

    So, before ever purchasing or adopting a cat, dog, puppy, or kitten, do your research (read books and read online websites) and be aware of the amount of effort and responsibility that goes into owning a pet.

  2. I have to agree with anonymous. Having a pet is a responsability.

    Pets are beings, and often they love their owner as much as human can love other human.

    You should maybe precise, that giving a pet (especially for Christmas), it is a nice gift, but people should not forget, that it is not a toy. In the case of a dog, the adults should teach it (and not the kid(s)) for example.

    Anyhow, this is a good photograph!

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