Zooomr Social Stream Rocks the Casbah!

Zooomr Social StreamZooomr Social Stream

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Well I’m pleased to announce that Kristopher just added the final touches on what has probably been our most requested feature on Zooomr. Zooomr Social Stream represents a new way for you to follow the activity on your photographs on Zooomr. With Zooomr Social Stream you can sort the activity on your photos by the last day, week or month and have several different views to choose to view your activity from including a list view and a timeline view.

By tracking the activity on your photos Zooomr will allow you to better monitor your photos and interact with your contacts.


This is just the beginning for Social Stream. With Social Stream Zooomr is taking the first step towards our larger vision of becoming a real-time communications platform. Certainly photos are a big part of that but watch for even bigger developments coming from Social Stream. Combined with Zipline, Social Stream allows you to put your finger on the pulse of what is happening with your photos as well as what your friends and family are up to.

Zooomr Social Stream is a Pro only feature, so if you haven’t upgraded to Pro yet on Zooomr here’s one more reason why you may want to. Plus you really, really, really help us out when you go Pro and we appreciate it immensely and it allows Kristopher to continue developing on Zooomr.

Kristopher will have another announcement later today around 11am Japan Standard Time regarding Zooomr Mobile (about 7pm PST tonight).

3 Replies to “Zooomr Social Stream Rocks the Casbah!”

  1. I had a hard time finding a link to this new feature anywhere in my account?!? I did find a link that Kris posted in my Zipline. I now see a text link at the bottom of the page. A more obvious place for a link might be on our Profile page. This new feature is really cool! but what I would really like is to have back is Trackbacks like it was in MK2. Will we be seeing this feature added to the Social Stream soon?

  2. Hi Thomas,
    I never saw the announcement on Zooomr Mobile you alluded to. Did that happen or is it on hold for the moment?

    By the way, the new social stream looks good. I think I need a pro account 🙂

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