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  1. Hi Thomas, I tried making a comment/post to your duplicate entry on the Zooomr blog but I keep on getting a page not found error when I try to post on the Zooomr discussion forum. Here’s a copy of what I had…

    Hi there. I’m on a Mac. I use Aperture. FlickrExport is an amazing tool to get my photos geotagged and up on Flickr from my Aperture library. One of the main reasons I have yet to switch to Zooomr fully is due to the lack of streamline uploading tools.

    I contacted the person behind the FlickrExport tool back in August asking them if they’d be willing to make a Zooomr version. I was told to try changing the server setting. I set it to api.zooomr.com and of course was immediately presented with an incorrect API key error.

    After sending my results back I was told that Zooomr would need accept their Flickr API key. Personally I think that’s rather dumb. I was also told that being able to change the API key through the UI would possibly be made available in version 3.0 due out soon.

    In the past few days I sent a new email asking how 3.0 is coming along with this feature, it sounds like it wont make it into the cut. Sad.

    The right way to fix this would be for the developer to get a Zooomr API key for them selves and to create an option to jump between the two API keys and services. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be happening in the near future.

    I was wondering if Zooomr would be willing to fudge it a little bit by in fact accepting their Flickr API key for use on Zooomr? Thanks.

  2. Nice apps—now if we had an uploader app it would increase my quality of life by a significant factor!

  3. This is the same “friend” Prophead who’s photos you destroyed over four months ago in the “upgrade” from MrkII to MarkII. But can’t be bothered to restore because you say it’s too “tedious”.

    And has to split his complaints into many posts because of continued unfixed and unaddressed bugs in zooomr.

    Still developing Apps for zooomr, now that’s dedication.

    -disgruntled: commenting here, because you’ve censored people on the official blog by banning comments.

  4. Prophead, at least have the decency to quote Thomas correctly:

    “Prophead, I totally hear you and will bring it up with Kristopher. The problem as I understand it is though that it is a tremendously tedious process where each photo must be rebuilt manually one by one — if there even is a suitable original copy of the photo to save and rebuild.

    This is regrettable for sure. I’ll try to get more info.”

    And might I add, what has this to do with the post?

  5. Anyone know of a mac upload tool that automatically works with zooomer? I’d like to switch, but I can’t find an uploader than the zooomer API supports.

    I’d really like to keep my iPhotos synced up with zooomer.

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