Thoughts and Reflections on Having My MacBook Pro Repaired

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  1. Riley says:

    I love tap to click! But then, Im not a Dell fan, and I confess to hating macs.. OSX is a vast improvement on OS9 I grant you and brings it much towards usable IMHO – as I was bought up a unix person.

    Im glad you have your mac back, Ive played with the photoshop CS3 trial, whats “bridge”?

  2. Susheel says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I’m sure glad that your experience turned out OK. I take a lot of photographs too, and I can imagine the pain when you find that some of them are not going to see the light of day.

    It’s also good to hear of your experience with the Apple store people, especially since I’m due to receive my first Mac, a 15″ Macbook Pro in a week’s time…

    Cheers! And to a lot more photography…

  3. Rygood says:

    It always sucks to have a hard drive fail. Working in a nearly all mac office it seems to happen to Macbooks and Macbook Pros on a fairly regular basis, though apple is usually really good about getting everything fixed. The last time it happened, it was to our CTO. After that, he bought everyone a 160gb bootable external firewire drive:

    Heres the one I use

    Once you get the drive, you download an app called SuperDuper, which backs up your whole hard drive. In the case of a failure, you can boot directly from the external drive so work does not have to stop in the time between failure and repair 🙂 I back up daily on my lunch break. It won’t stop the failure, but it will make it more convenient.

  4. I do hate the appointment system at the Apple Stores; and I’ve also given up having them try to fix my monitor (it refuses to wake after sleep). Thankfully, after ~20 years of using Apple stuff, I know it’s not something I’ll have to face very often.

  5. Shawn Oster says:

    *laugh* it’s pretty funny that you can never find a red or blue shirt person to help you, while I have to beat them off with a stick. Of course I’m the type that if I need help I’ll ask for it, otherwise please leave me alone, so having too many is as annoying to me as having too few is to you.

    Must be like cats, ever notice that even the most anti-social cat seems to love rubbing up against people that are allergic?

    Glad you’re back in action, no person should be without their laptop.

  6. Glad you got it back, and sorry to hear you had to go through a few backflips to get everything sorted out.

    Had some Mac problems as well – cracked MacBook shell – and while there were a few hiccups, I also got a pretty satisfying result within a week.

  7. Eric Skiff says:

    This makes me hopeful. The trackpad and keyboard on my mac just went dead, and the rumor is that the fix for the defective part inside can take quite a while.

    I haven’t let anyone else fix my computer since 1996, (this is my first mac) and it sounds like a specific part inside my macbook pro is just faulty.

    For now, I’m using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse until I can get through the crunch-time, and then it’s off to see the geniuses.

    Hopefully my experience will be as good as yours was.

  8. Bob says:

    One reason many of us have to deal with mail order is that there are no Apple stores around. If you live in the sticks, it is all mail order.

  9. Why in the world don’t you back up your Mac’s hard drive? It’s amazingly simple – just get an external portable FireWire drive (they sell them in the Apple Store) and spend $20 online to buy SuperDuper. You won’t regret it, and you can keep working on another Mac whilst your first one is repaired.

    Also, why take your MacBook along on a photo shoot?! Are you going to whip it out in the middle of the street and start Photoshopping away, heh? This is bad for your back, bad for your Mac (especially with no backup!), and generally doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  10. phototristan says:

    Many of the early $100 iPhone credits were actually issued with a zero balance!

    If you go through the process again now at

    it should issue a proper $100. credit.

  11. Piewhackit says:

    A few years back I sent both my iBook and PowerBook in to Apple and on both occasions, Apple had them back to me with hard drive replaced within 3 days…they over-nighted me a box via DHL with prepaid overnight shipping, took one day to get back to Apple, they turned it around in one day and over-nighted it back. Unbelievably fast.

    Just curious, if your MacBook Pro is your primary computer, do you edit your photos on it with it connected to a larger display? I’ve edited on my 15.4″ MacBook Pro for the last year, but recently threw in the towel and got a 24″ iMac. Now I can’t imagine editing on a smaller screen!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Inconceivable! Everyone knows that Macs never have problems.