Photowalking the USS Hornet

Well Robert Scoble, myself and the rest of the gang had an amazing time Photowalking the USS Hornet a few weeks back. Robert’s right. Check out the video for Matt Roe’s introduction in the first few minutes. Matt is out there taking some great shots. He was mocking me at Stanford yesterday because I keep telling him that he reminds me of myself when I got my first SLR when I was 15 (Matt’s 16). The first time Matt and his pal Andrew Moore came to one of our photowalks they had to ditch school to make it. I sure hope when my kids are old enough to ditch school that they are ditching it to go on photowalks instead of other stuff. I love seeing talented kids shooting out there. Check out Matt’s Zooomrstream here and Andrew’s here.

My collection of shots from our Hornet Photowalk are here. To check out more shots of the photowalk check out the USSHornet tag on Zooomr. Scoble’s blog post on the Hornet is here.

Two more photowalks that you might want to get down. On Friday night some of us are going to get together to watch the free film Piece by Piece at the Oakland Museum of Californa. The film chronicles the graffiti art movement over the past 20 years in San Francisco. Afterwards we are going to go shoot some graffiti in Oakland together. More details here. And then the next photowalk that Scoble will be videotaping will be one that we are doing on next Tuesday, October 9th, out in the Marin Headlands. Trevor Carpenter who runs the excellent site will be up for the Marin Headlands shoot — it will be great to catch up with Trevor again in person.

Come on out and join us for the shoots. All skill levels, camera types, and interests welcome.

I also posted some of my photos from Monday night’s Stanford photowalk up here. Also check out the photowalking100107 tag on Zooomr for even more awesome shots. Stanford was pretty amazing. I especially enjoyed interviewing Stanford Professor Marc Levoy with Scoble. Levoy has done some amazing work over the past 20 years with photography. Lately he’s been doing some super interesting work with compositional photography.

Compositional photography is where you merge different photos together to get a single photo. HDR is only the beginning. Some of what Marc showed us just blew me away. Like photographs where you could readjust the focus *after* the photo had already been taken. Lots of interesting new technology. Marc consults for Adobe and Google. I tried to get him to spill the beans on what Google is up to with image search but he adroitly dodged that question with a long thoughtful pause and then a “I know too much,” answer. A real nice guy working at the forefront of science and photography.

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