I Think Bill Wadman Just Took the Best Photograph of Me That’s Ever Been Taken

Thomas Hawk, by Bill Wadman for His 365 Portraits Project

Well I had the great honor and privilege of hanging out with New York photographer Bill Wadman yesterday on a photo shoot for his 365 Portraits Project. I blogged about Bill a while back after he shot my good friend photographer Daniel Krieger, or Smoothdude as he is more affectionately known by many of us.

And all I can say is wow. Bill may have taken the best portrait of me that I’ve ever seen. That’s his shot above. He is also one hell of a nice guy personally.

I’m blown away by how well Bill shoots portraits. I love this photo of me. The lighting, the reflections, the contrast between light and dark and how the scene matches what I’m wearing, the use of perspective. Perhaps my favorite little detail of all in this shot though is the juxtaposition between my camera and the security camera on the upper left side of the photo. I truly am honored to have my photo in his 365 Portraits collection.

Here are some of my other recent favorite portraits that Bill has shot for this project. Ze Frank, Daniel Ebesu, Regan Hofmann, Thomas Gilner, Adrienne Faraci, Buzz Aldrin (yes, the astronaut), Tucker Carlson, A.J. MacBrian, Alexis Levenson, Smoothdude (of course), Barrie Mann, an AMAZING nude of Sarah Lizbet,
Aimee Prole, Danny Adrain. There are so many more and I’m still going through the entire collection, but trust me, click on a few of the portraits above and you will see what I’m talking about.

During our shoot Bill and I talked alot about photography of course. Some of the things that I’m trying to do and some of the things that he is trying to do. Bill shot my portrait with a Canon 5D and I think either his 50mm or my 50mm. When Bill is done with this project he would like to do a show of all 365 portraits which I think would be utterly amazing. Right now he’s looking to generate some press for this worthwhile project so if any of you are connected with press/blogs/etc. definitely look Bill up. He’s available for interviews and if you have access to anyone super interesting that you think Bill should shoot as well definitely let him know. He mentioned on our shoot that he’s going to be shooting the Cowboy from the Village people which I can’t *wait* to see what he does with him.

Thanks again to Bill for including me in his project and for making the world a more beautiful place through photography. I’ll always cherish this portrait Bill, it means a great deal to me. Thank you.

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  1. I think that picture is worthy of sitting next to the about me blurn in your right navigation column, no? Very nice, indeed.

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