Photowalking Next Saturday Night

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So this isn’t an official Podtech Photowalking video shoot or anything, but Jeff Grosse and some of his friends from Sweden are coming into town next weekend and we are going to go do some night shooting. We’ve got a great night of shooting planned.

We are going to start out at Sutro Baths next Saturday night, September 15th, at 6pm. We can shoot the sunset from there and the ruins at the bath. After we are done there we are going to drive over to West Portal and park. The West Portal Muni station is a grand one and you get great views of the subway tunnel there, so we’ll shoot there for a bit and then take the train a few short stops down to the Castro where we will shoot the Castro for the rest of the night.

We can then take the train back to West Portal when we are done shooting the Castro.

I haven’t shot the Castro in a long time so I’m looking forward to that.

Anyways, if you can make it, come on out and shoot with us. It will be a great night. I’ve got an page set up for the shoot here if you want to check in.

The photo above of the Sutro Baths was taken by Matt Roe. To see more great shots of the Sutro Baths, check out the Sutro Baths tag on Zooomr.

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