A Lot of Living

A Lot of Living

Last weekend Will, Holly, Kate and I took a wagon ride to the cemetery by my house. On the way there we found this superball on a storm drain. William loved playing with the ball. We found this giant flat tombstone and were rolling the ball back and forth to each other over it. We had a great time. It reminded me that this world belongs to the living and even moreso to our children.

I love taking my kids to the cemetery and see it as a sort of park. It’s quiet, nobody’s hardly ever there and they can have fun together while I take pictures. We talk about death and what the place means and the memories of all the people burried there. Mostly though they just like to run around and play and be kids.

Large view here.

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  1. Photos and Death are a weird combination

    I was at the Madrid’s terrorist victims memorial (our version of 11-S) and whilst i was taking photos of the beautiful structure a woman behind me broke down in tears – I just couldn’t keep snapping whilst this lady was suffering like that

    Do you ever find that in the cemetery? e.g. there is a funeral going on, would you keep snapping away or move on to give them space?

    I guess if death is brought by natural causes its “part of life”, but when it is sudden and peoples lives are cut short… must be hard to explain that to the kids let alone adults

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