Zoho Blogs — Introducing Zoho Start

Zoho Blogs — Introducing Zoho Start I now use Zoho exclusively for all of my document processing needs. After years of using Microsoft’s Office, it just doesn’t make sense to pay anymore for these applications when you can get them for free. What’s more, when these apps are online you can access them from anywhere, anytime. It’s also great to be able to share documents with people anywhere anytime live. While not everyone is connected 24/7 anymore, I pretty much am.

Between DSL at home, more and more wi-fi everywhere and EVDO when all else fails, I’m always connected.

At first I tried Google docs but switched to Zoho after I found their applications faster.

I’m pleased with Zoho’s announcement today that they have integrated their online apps into a sort of office suite. Rather than logging in and going to different apps, you can now do all this from one central page. I love to see them continue to make Zoho better and better.

On a personal level I’ve enjoyed getting to know Raju from Zoho as well. Raju has done a ton of community outreach with Zoho. Zoho is helping Zooomr out in their data center and has been tremendously supportive of our growing online photo community, which makes them that much more worth supporting.

More on Zoho’s announcement today from Lifehacker.

3 Replies to “Zoho Blogs — Introducing Zoho Start”

  1. Thomas,
    Just a word of caution. It doesn’t look like Zoho supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections for their online apps yet. So everything you do can be sniffed by someone on the same network. This is especially a problem on public Wifi.
    I’m not sure how much you are worried about the security of your person (or business) data but this is a security issue that would keep me from using Zoho for now.

  2. Yeah and then when they go under, what happens then?

    You get what you pay for. And we’re creating a world where no one wants to pay for other peoples work, where is anyone going to get a job?

  3. Yeah and then when they go under, what happens then?

    Anonymous, Zoho is owned by a very strong, stable and financially secure parent company Adventnet. I’m not worried that they will not be around.

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