Reminder, Photowalking This Sunday at the USS Hornet in Alameda

USS Hornet

Facebook | Photowalking the USS Hornet Well our photowalk on Sunday is looking to be quite an event. So far 20 people have signed up as attending on Facebook with another 26 maybes.

For those of you who haven’t shot the Hornet before, it’s a great subject. The USS Hornet is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that is available for visits and is open to photography. The Hornet was active in World War II and also recovered both the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 crews. You can read more about the Hornet here at wikipedia.

The best stuff in my opinion on the Hornet is below deck. There is a whole village under there. A jail, dinning hall, bunk rooms, etc. I’m excited especially to try and shoot some of the below deck stuff with my ultra wide 14mm lens. I think that there will be some interesting spaces to capture with that lens/scene combo.

Robert Scoble and Photowalking Producer Rocky Barbanica will be there shooting video to get another great episode of photowalking out.

The photo above is actually quite an old archive photo of mine of the engine room. The last time I was there I didn’t have an digital SLR so it goes back a ways.

Anyways, come on out with a bunch of photogeeks and talk cameras and shoot this great site. We’ll meet at 2pm on Sunday. The Hornet closes at 5pm, so if people want to stick around we can go grab some dinner somewhere in Alameda and then come back and shoot more of the base at night. Alameda is one of the coolest places for night photography in San Francisco.

If you haven’t already RSVP at the Facebook page here. And feel free to join the Facebook photowalking group while you are there!

3 Replies to “Reminder, Photowalking This Sunday at the USS Hornet in Alameda”

  1. I’d love to attend, I live in Alameda. Anyway way of sending me an invite, or should I just show up? I’m on facebook, under ‘Kambiz Kamrani.’

    Thanks, look forward to snapping some photos away!


  2. I really would like to be there. I served aboard the Hornet from 12/29/60 – 11/23/63 in “B” Division, Fireroom #1, #2, then the Boiler Repair Shop. It was a great home for a 17 year old Kiddy Cruser. I spent my 18th, 19th,and 20th B’day on her. Went on 2 WestPac Cruises. I left her in Japan the day President Kennedy was killed, to fly back to Treasure Island for discharge. Would like to take my wife and adult children and grandsons aboard her. Many fond memories. If anyone takes pictures of the boiler rooms, I would realy like to see them. #2 fireroom was called “Hells Half Acre.”

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