Photowalking The USS Hornet

Set You Free

To see my set of images of yesterday’s photowalk click through here (only 10 up now but I’ll have 80 more up later tonight). To more great shots from yesterday’s shoot on Zooomr check out the USS Hornet tag here.

Well I had a great time yesterday hanging out with about 30 other people shooting the USS Hornet, a decommissioned World War II aircraft carrier in Alameda California. Scoble and Photowalking producer Rocky Barbanica got the whole thing on video and should have the next edition of Photowalking out soon. In edition to editing, Rocky’s now producing the photowalking series for Podtech as well so look for the episode to be out shortly.

If you took photos at yesterday’s walk and want to let Rocky include some of them in the video, please be sure to get him a CD of the images and he’s got a release that he will need you to sign as well.

One of the things that I really like about the photowalking stuff is that I’m beginning to see a lot of the same people coming back for more and more shooting. It’s great seeing old friends, hanging out, while shooting some fan shots.

It was good seeing Randyman who brought his family up from SoCal to shoot the Hornet. His photos aren’t online yet but he always gets some great shots. Matt Roe was there as well with his Olympus and tripod. Matt always gets some great shots and I love watching him shoot. Matt’s 16 and it’s great to see someone that young with such a heart and a passion for photography.

It was also great catching up with Patrick. He posts as gooshum on Zooomr and is one of my favorite local photographers. He does so much great night stuff and lives right there on the Alameda naval base. We might try to get together this next weekend and do some night shooting. I’ve never shot the base at night but it’s an amazing set for one of my favorite types of photography.

Hasan Diwan’s
got the first shots up on Zooomr so far. By the way, if you post shots we are using the tag “Photowalking Hornet.” You can also tag the photos anything else you want too, but make sure to include that one in there if you can.

I think my favorite shot to take on the shoot was this shot inside of a jet exhaust tube (or at least I think that’s what it is). I had to really crawl up inside there to shoot it with my 14mm. Andy Frazier got a funny shot of my legs hanging out.

I really liked playing with the 14mm f/2.8 lens on this shoot. That lens is growing on me more and more and quickly becoming a favorite. I thought it worked really well in some of the great spaces on the Hornet.

I’ve just got 10 of my shots up online so far, but I’ll get the rest of them up later tonight. I got 90 shots in all I think that are worth keeping. In total I fired 668 shots. Which is less than it felt like I actually shot.

I will definitely be going back to Hornet though and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting location to shoot. They have an open photography policy which is awesome and a never ending maze of places to get lost in and shoot.

After we did the photowalk, 22 or so of us headed over to Panda Restaurant on Park Street in Alameda and had some Chinese food. The food was pretty good and plentiful for sure. Shanon Clark did a great job orchestrating the dinner and putting together a fixed menu at a reasonable price.