One Rincon Hill

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On Friday night I had a second opportunity to go up into the Rincon Tower at One Rincon Hill, One Rincon Hill is a new 60 story residence that will be the tallest residence in San Francisco. You can learn more about this project at wikipedia here. You can see my set of images of One Rincon Hill here. I’ll be adding more in the next few days.

For the second trek to the top of the building we had to take the stairs this time. Walking up 60 flights of stairs is a workout for sure. We stopped on several of the floors on the way up to find great views. This shot of the Bay Bridge for instance, was taken on floor 12 I think.

At the top of the building it is windy. Super windy. On the 60th floor there is no glass, just an empty concrete space. It was so perfect. It was far too windy to use a tripod, so most of the shots that I got I were taken with me laying on my belly on the ground and setting my camera (camera strap firmly around neck) near the edge of the floor and shooting time delayed exposures.

The views at the top of the One Rincon Hill are the best views I’ve ever seen in the city. They are better than the views at the top of the Fairmont or the Mandarin Hotel or Sutro or any place else I’ve seen the city from yet. It was a real treat getting up there at night to shoot especially.

The reason for my access to the building is that I’m working on a project for the sales office of One Rincon Hill where they can show a slide show of my photographs to potential buyers. The Tower is pretty much sold out at this point except for a couple of units, many of the sales took place at an opening night party for the tower a number of months back. To learn more about this project you can also check out One Rincon Hill’s website here.