iTunes Store To Stop Selling NBC Television Shows, Who the Hell Cares

Bull Shit

iTunes Store To Stop Selling NBC Television Shows

So the whole blogosphere’s a buzz today with the announcement that iTunes isn’t going to carry NBC shows anymore.

I say, who the hell cares. I don’t think I’ve watched anything from NBC in over a year. I used to watch Law & Order, but it just can’t compete with the internet in my opinion. I think I’ve got a bunch of Law and Order loaded up on my TiVo, but I haven’t really reviewed what I’ve got on my TiVo for the past couple of months.

Laughably, NBC apparently wanted to try and sell their shows for $4.99 each on iTunes.

$4.99 for that crap? You’ve got to be kidding me. Who in the hell would pay five bucks for a TV show? Especially when all you have to do is hop on over to that old bittorrent thingy and just borrow a copy for free.

Live from New York, it’s the suckers who pay $5 for a TV show and are too dumb to figure out the bittorrents!

Nice move NBC. Way to go from being mostly irrelevant to entirely irrelevant.