So What’s Microsoft Working on Photographically Speaking?

PC World – Microsoft Photo Technologies Aim Big

“Microsoft Corp. is working on a variety of innovative photo projects, ranging from experiments with its 3D maps offering to massive panoramic photos that users can zoom into for details.

Developers who work in the company’s research arm showed off the technologies on Tuesday during the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington.”

4 Replies to “So What’s Microsoft Working on Photographically Speaking?”

  1. That description doesn’t sound entirely like Photosynth as I understand it, but Photosynth is one of the technologies that sounds really exciting in theory.

  2. not quite sure what relevance they have being in photography but what i have read recently their photo format being adopted by JPEG just ease the churning of “another format being released and getting hailed as the next best thing since sliced bread only to leave other platforms out of the loop in effort to further their control of the computer industry™”

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