Photowalking in So Cal, Mark Your Calendar, August 4th

Last of the sunset

A bunch of us are going to get together to do a photowalk down in Santa Monica on August 4th. We are going to meet at the Santa Monica Pier and shoot the pier and lots of other fun stuff around there. More details, upcoming page, etc. to follow, but if you are in So Cal and can make it out Saturday night August 4th mark your calendar now.

Above photo of the Santa Monica Pier by noeltykay.

Update: Upcoming page here and Facebook event page here.

9 Replies to “Photowalking in So Cal, Mark Your Calendar, August 4th”

  1. Just a warning, last time I was there (6+ years ago??) I got hassled when I strayed off the pier proper into the amusement park area.

    Security said I had to sign a release saying I wouldn’t publish the images anywhere. Didn’t have the sense back then to ask “What if I don’t sign?”–but I’m guessing all they’d have done is escort me off the property.

  2. re: the pier. A lady from my office (who is an avid photo) was nearly given the bum’s rush by the cops because she was using a tripod there. Just FYI.

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