Mike Arrington’s Big Old TechCrunch 9 Bash

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To see my photos of TechCrunch 9 click through here.

Well if Silicon Valley’s Web 2.0 world has a mini version of Hollywood, it was all fired up big time on Friday night at the year’s biggest party down in Menlo Park.

August Capital hosted Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch 9 Friday night. The evening was complete with fancy little mini hamburgers and Heinekens, ladies all dressed up and even a few guys in suit jackets, live streaming all over the place, this cool little catered homemade ice cream sandwich little thingys, company’s demoing their latest sites, a donation to charity, security complete with ID only check in and about 900 people or so schmoozing on a deck as the sun went down on Sand Hill Road.

Like last year’s version, this year’s party was more than just a party it was an “event.” Heather Harde, TechCrunch’s new CEO, did a great job pulling this one off, kudos to her for that.

I got a few shots of course. If I didn’t get your name on the shot, my apologies. If I don’t know you extremely well I’m not likely to get that part right as I’m bad with names. Appreciate any help identifying people. If you know who someone is and can leave a note in the comment on the photo that would be appreciated. If the photo’s you, better yet, shoot me an email at tom(at)thomashawk.com and I’ll peopletag you.

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