Just Signed up for Pownce

Pownce : Thomas Hawk Well, better late than never, I just signed up for Pownce. It seems pretty cool. I think I may like it better than Twitter. I like how you can respond to specific messages. It also is much faster. The design feels sexier as well.

We’ll see if I still feel the same way after a few days of using it.

If you’re on Pownce you can add me here.

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  1. “better late than never”? didn’t they launch last week?

    slow it down a little T-man! we know you live in the fast lane, but that’s like calling someone who bought the iPhone on Saturday a late adopter!


  2. CJPhoto says:

    pounce, twitter, facebook, bebo, … When will it end.

    Surely we need one that has all our friends on it, not multiple ones which has 1/2 our friends on each?

    I guess I am missing the point??

  3. I guess that you’re still a pretty early adopter, even though people have been blogging about it a lot already 🙂

    I must say I’ve preferred Jaiku over all, but the event/file/message split in pownce is reaally nice!