ZooomrTV LIVE from the Palo Alto Apple Store

Kristopher Tate and I will be joining Robert Scoble later on this afternoon with a special live broadcast on ZooomrTV of the new iPhone launch down at the Palo Alto store. In addition to sharing the Zooomr love down there, Kristopher will be launching several new (and returning) features to Zooomr.

If you are in the Palo Alto area and can make the launch, come on out and join us. We will have stickers to hand out and will be talking live about Zooomr and what we are up to. And I guarantee you there will be some great photo opportunities!

We have started an official thread in our Epicenter Forum to talk with folks about the launch. If you can’t make it live, come join us there or also in the chat room on ZooomrTV.

See you all live later this afternoon!

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