Yahoo! Releases Zurfer: Mobile Flickr World-Explorer

O’Reilly Radar > Yahoo! Releases Zurfer: Mobile Flickr World-Explorer O’Reily Radar is out with a post on the latest interesting technology from Yahoo’s Berkley Research Center called Zurfer.

At first I was reading through the post and thinking, ah, who cares, just another Flickr app for my phone.

But then something kind of caught my eye. “Care to see photos of graffiti around you, anywhere you go? Add a channel with that tag to your Zurfer main page.”

Now, that, would actually be interesting to me. Especially to the degree that I could set this thing up to show me the neon, graffiti, mannequins, etc. nearby me, it would be great information to get.

I’m not sure how fast, fluid, or accurate it would be, but I’d definitely be interested in checking this out.

Does anyone know if this app will work on the new iPhone or on my MacBook Pro? Or will it only work on a Smartphone?

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  1. Mor says:

    Great question Thomas. Who knows about the iPhone, but stay tuned for our next project – codename FireEagle – that will help make Zurfer (and other applications) work for location-unaware platforms like your Mac.

  2. atmasphere says:

    It rocks on my Nokia N95 … you can set things up and see things on the browser from your Mac / PC, but it’s mean to run on the Phone. You can use a Series 60 2nd or 3rd edition device as well as one of the RAZRs…

    It’s a VERY cool app. My favorite feature is that you can see pics you’ve commented on, so you can easily track back and see what else has been said.