uStream / Zooomr iPhone Giveaway

Zooomr's Kristopher Tate with uStream's Johnny Ham

Well good news guys. We’ve been down here at the Palo Alto Apple store for the iPhone launch broadcasting live for about 24 hours now. We’ve had a great time and met a lot of super people. We will be here until 6pm when Apple opens up the store for the official iPhone launch.

uStream has been very helpful in helping us pull this production off. They arranged our power, fed us, and made sure that we stayed live as much as possible.

What’s made this launch so remarkable of course has been that we are livestreaming it on ZooomrTV through uStream. I’m sitting down here with Johnny from uStream right now who has said that uStream has decided to *give away* an iPhone tonight at 7pm on their homepage.

In order to be eligible to win the free iPhone from uStream, all you need to do is sign up for a uStream account before 6pm and enter the promo code iPhone when you sign up. One winner will be randomly selected by uStream.

Signing up for uStream is easy and free.
And tell your friends because someone out there is going to end up with a new iPhone at 7pm tonight.

They will also be giving a second iPhone away in the next two weeks. For the second iPhone giveaway they will be using the signups after 6pm tonight made during the next two weeks.

And be sure to continue watching ZooomrTV live from the Palo Alto store iPhone Launch!

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  1. it’s a little misleading to title this “uStream / Zooomr iPhone Giveaway”… stealing uStream’s thunder a bit.

  2. Anonymous. This is how Johnny from uStream and I talked about promoting it. We very much are working together on this. To the extent that ZooomrTV succeeds uStream stands to benefit and vice versa.

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