Photos of the iPhone Launch from the Palo Alto Store

Megan and JuliaPatrick, Valerie and Kristopher
Robert Scoble Interviews Bill AtkinsonKevin, Leah and Alex

I’ve been told that the Palo Alto store has the longest line of any Apple store. I just took a power nap for a few minutes. Kristopher and I will be livestreaming the launch until 6pm when Apple opens the doors and starts selling those iPhones.

I’ve got photos up of folks who have been hanging out here.

Scoble has a blog post up here. And thanks much to the SmugMug gang who fed us all with Pizza last night!

3 Replies to “Photos of the iPhone Launch from the Palo Alto Store”

  1. Why wait in insane lines early in the morning? You coulda gone to AT&T; in Berkeley; less than a dozen people were in line at 1pm.

  2. yeah, the best part was hearing on the news tonight that 2 hours after they went on sale, you could walk in and buy them without waiting. nice.

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