2 Replies to “My Pet Glass Spider”

  1. excellent composition…love it! btw…sorry to spam your communication vehicles, but want to make sure somebody reads this “feature” i discovered on zooomr…

    essentially zooomr is unable to read exif/iptc data from photos exported by apple’s aperture. if i take a photo that was exported with aperture, then open it in photoshop, immediately save it back to disk (absolutely no edits whatsoever in ps), then upload to zooomr…zooomr recognizes the data. odd, huh?

    i recall pixelpost running into a similar issue when they released a beta of v1.6, but fixed it. unfortunately i forgot what they did…i’ll try to find out.

    anyway, i can’t wait to use zooomr…been following it for a couple months now. i’m more than willing to help out. just let me know.

    brandon (ebohling) bohling

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