Had a Great Time Photowalking Friday Night in the Haight

Vintage Drag QueenChoking The Dragon
When Death Comes For Me...GulpPhotowalking 11 in Haight 75

Photos from top l to r by: Jeremy Brooks, Prophead, PJ Taylor and Stephanie Booth.

Well about 25 of us all got together for a great night of photowalking in the Haight. Scoble came out and shot the thing for Photowalking 11 and I shot my very first episode of a new show I’m doing for Podtech called Phototalking. Eddy Joaquim (better known online as aquiali) was my first guest and we did a great 20 minute interview or so about his work, gear, technique, workflow, etc.

Lots of folks came out for the shoot. We started at Haight and Ashbury and worked our way west down Haight street shooting the local color, mannequins in window displays, colorfully painted restaurants, some of the interesting citizens that hang out in the Haight and lots of great graffiti and murals.

Jeremy Brooks has a good write up here. And be sure to check out the Photowalking11 tag on Zooomr to check out some of the great pics from our outing.

Although on this photowalk I felt like I did a lot more phototalking than actual shooting, I still got lots of shots in. I do like phototalking too though and just geeking out with a bunch of hardcore photogeeks. Seeing what everyone’s shooting. Listening to Prophead talk about his underwater photography on video for Scoble, etc. Loved seeing that John Curley picked up the new L Series 135 f/2 lens (my favorite lens personally speaking). And of course then we all got to see Sam Bloomberg-Rissman’s new tattoo.

All in a great night hanging out with friends and taking in one of the great San Francisco neighborhoods.

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