Great Balls of Fire, Zooomr’s Discover Just Got a Heck of a Lot Hottter


[I am CEO of Zooomr]

Goodness gracious, great balls and all that. Kristopher just shot me over a link to the latest enhancement on Zooomr and this is definitely one of the best ones yet and represents the best way that I’ve ever seen to find great photography on the internet on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

One of the new features that I was most excited about with our new Zooomr Mark III launch was the “Discover” section on Zooomr. With Zooomr Discover, we use an algorithm based on 28 different characteristics to determine the relevancy and awesomeness of a photograph.

By analyzing each and every photograph that is uploaded to Zooomr we can serve up a selection of kick ass photos for you to check out. With discover we built 5 time periods and ranked the top 20 photos in each of these 5 time periods.

Photos uploaded in the last hour, the last day, the last week, the last month and the last year.

We then took this one step further and built screens for you to filter these photos by everyone, only your contacts, only your friends and family, and only your own photos. (You have to be logged into Zooomr in order to filter by friends and contacts).

This was good but Discover was limited to only 20 photos in any given time period.

Well now Kristopher has expanded Discover and linked the various Discover headings so that you can pull up *100* thumbnails at a time representing the best photos on Zooomr.

Give it a shot and try it out. I think you will agree that the Zooomr algorithm is producing some of the best photography that you are going to see anywhere on the internet today. And if you haven’t signed up for Zooomr yet, please do. I’d love to see and fave some of your photos on the Discover pages of Zooomr soon.

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3 Replies to “Great Balls of Fire, Zooomr’s Discover Just Got a Heck of a Lot Hottter”

  1. I’d LOVE to upload to Zooomr, only it refuses to allow me to log in. My account still exists ( but no matter what I try, I can’t log in. And that stupid OpenID thing rejects every combination of my name I can think of that I might have used for it.

    The BEST part is there is *NO* way to send a request for HELP to the Zooomr staff (at least none that has made itself blindingly obvious).

    So while Flickr might be the home of the dreaded censorship, Zooomr is useless to me until I can get logged in, so I’ll carry on at Flickr.

    ZIII sure is nice though.

  2. how about getting privacy sorted out.

    Of the three images I have uploaded I can bring one up on screen (it is marked private – does that make a difference).

    So many things I would prioritize above discover.

    How about getting adverts on the site to start earning you money for a bigger/faster/stronger server.

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