Got Robots?

May I Help You

Had a great time hanging out at the Robogames this past weekend in San Francisco. I took my boys Jack and Will and we saw all kinds of cool stuff. Will liked the R2D2 robot the best I think.

If you want to see my shots from the event, check out the Robogames 2007 tag on Zooomr.

Davis Freeberg also has a cool video robot fight from the event as well, check out this cool Vimeo infowidget on one of Davis Freeberg’s photos.

Scott Beale also has some great photos of the event and a video from the event for Laughing Squid over here. And more photos from Lane Hartwell for Wired here.

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  1. I’d visit the video, however, given that Google shareholders voted against a censorship resolution (which, of course, means that Google condones censorship), I won’t allow myself.

    Power to the Photobloggers!!!

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