Zooomr Launches Chinese and Taiwanese Blogs

Zooomr Blog China (????) and Taiwan Blog (????) Announcements from Kristopher

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Kristopher and I are pleased to announce that more community managers have volunteered to help us with Zooomr and that we are now offering versions of the Zooomr blog in both traditional and simplified Chinese. For both Taiwan and China specifically.

You can access Zooomr’s China blog here. And Zooomr’s Taiwanese blog here.

At Zooomr we have been very pleased with the photo sharing that has gone with Zooomr in China.

Taiwan now has Maps!
Also with Google Maps recently launching improved support for Taiwan, we are very pleased that it will be easier than every to geotag your photos in Taiwan.

Thanks to all of our Taiwanese and Chinese friends for supporting Zooomr. Your photos are fantastic and it’s wonderful having you a part of our truly global photo sharing experience.

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  1. Nice. Although in the heading of the blogs you have the Chinese lang reversed (China uses simplified Chinese and Taiwan uses traditional Chinese).

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