What Famous Photographer Are You?

Elinesca pointed us to this fun filled little quiz that tells you which famous photographer that you are. I’m not sure they actually got it right in my case or not, but what the hey.

Which famous photographer are you?

Joel-Peter Witkin: Known for photographing human spectacles including hermaphrodites, dwarfs, amputees, androgynes, carcasses, people with odd physical capabilities & fetishists

“When I produce a photograph that totally satisfies, a part of me actually dies. And I think that death is an aspect of myself being burned away or dissolved, because that part of what I had to work out is taken care of.”

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4 Replies to “What Famous Photographer Are You?”

  1. Well I’ll take mine. I was “Henri Cartier-Bresson.” Although I’m really not a street photographer.

  2. Thomas, thanks for posting the link. Mine said I was Ansel Adams, which was neat since he’s one of my favorites.

  3. I played a bit with the test and I would say that they have too few questions and famous photographers in it for meaning recommendations.
    If you prefer to take hike in nature and your outdoors kind of person, you will “always” get Ansel Adams. I guess they didn’t come up with any famous wildlife photographers, etc.

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