The New Technorati Looks Great

Technorati Weblog: Come check out the refreshed! Dave Sifry has a post out about a whole new Technorati. Take a minute to check out their new main page if you haven’t already. It’s very cool.

Overall the new design flows really well and makes Technorati feel like a main home page. It gives you one of those first at a glance type things to start your day off. Top tags, top searches, etc. give you a snapshot idea about what is being talked about in the world. But then it gives you a bit more customization by showing you the most recent posts from your favorite bloggers. A ticker runs across the top of the page giving it sort of a real time feel as topics are being discussed.

The sites design is very clean. Rather than bore you with crap like the weather and horoscopes like you might find a other portal type pages, this page feels relevant.

what I like the most though is the section popular near the bottom. Although Technorati has been doing non-blog search, it’s never been highlighted this prominently before. In this section you can see what’s popular in videos, music, movies, games, DVDs, News and Buzz.

More than any of the others I think video will be a hit. People are constantly looking to find great video on the web. From checking out your friends and contacts on Vimeo (my favorite video sharing site at the moment) to checkng digg for what video is getting dugg, people just can’t get enough. Certainly though another metric to find good video will be to see what bloggers are linking too and I think many people will use Technorati’s video search now that it is more prominently displayed.

Congratulations to Dave Sifry and the entire Technorati team on a great new Technorati.

3 Replies to “The New Technorati Looks Great”

  1. The new design looks great, but is it just me or is the new Technorati also faster, too? It seems much more snappy and responsive.

  2. It may look great. It may be faster. But it works like crap. I searched for Catalina Marathon, and instead of showing me the relevant posts– which is, after all, why I go to Technorati– it shows me links to YouTube & Flickr. Which is fine & all, but that’s not why I’m there.

    Worst, when I clicked on posts, it claimed there were no results for Catalina Marathon. Which is utterly bogus, since I visited at least a half dozen less than 2 months ago– and that was only for this year’s race.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but right now it looks broken to me.

  3. Of course, now it works. Someone must have just removed the “beta” tag a little too soon. Still don’t get why they put more emphasis on videos & photos, that just makes me want to visit Flickr or YouTube to do my searching.

    They should concentrate on being the best blog search engine, and the other stuff should be nice sidelines. I think they have it backwards right now.

    Who else has a good blog search?

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