My Favorite Photos on Flickr and Zooomr

A Random Selection of My FavesA Random Selection of My Faves Hosted on Zooomr

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

One of my favorite things to do is to relax with a glass of wine and go faving crazy on both Flickr and Zooomr. I love letting the photography of others flow over me and being able to fave so many great photos I find is one of my favorite things to do.

If you want to see some great photography check out my:

favorites on Flickr

favorites on Zooomr

And which photos do you think are better from my faves sets? Or is there any difference at all? And which fav layout do you prefer?

Oh, and if you like any of my choices as favorites on either site, be sure and fave them yourself. One of my favorite things to do is to go favorite diving through another Flickr or Zooomr user’s Fave stream. On Zooomr I probably go through Raoul’s fav stream more than anyone elses. He’s got some amazing picks in there.

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  1. Yeah I agree, Faving is my favorite thing to do as well. Some people barley use their favorite button and comment instead but I just love going around for hours searching for work that I love. What’s cooler is seeing all those favorites in pages in small thumbs and seeing what type of work I like and how it reflects on my own.

  2. If I were just judging the static layout, I prefer Zooomr’s because it lists more photos across.

    But I prefer looking at favorites and sets of pictures at Flickr because I can watch a slideshow of them and just sit back and enjoy until I see something I truly love and then go see more of that person’s work.

  3. There’s not much in it with regard to the layout. I guess Zooomr’s, as it’s wider. Sometimes I wish both sites showed actual aspect ratio thumbs, but being a web designer, I know that would wreak havok with the apperance of the layout. (And then how would you handle panoramas etc..)

    Overall, I dip into Zooomr from time to time but generally stick with Flickr. I think this is mostly because I used Flickr first, have my contacts and groups set up there, and so on. I think Flickr is a bit easier on the eye due to being cleaner. On Zooomr, I find the switching subnav bar slightly fiddly, but again that could be down to it being less familiar to me.

    Having discovered jUploadr recently, the amount of photos I upload to Zooomr will probably increase. Previously, having to upload via the site used to be a major hurdle.

    Tech-wise Zooomr is great though. I much prefer the geo-tagging for example. I endeavour to spend more time with it – keep up the good work!

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