Matt Roe Photo Opening Thursday May 17th in San Francisco

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Matt Roe is a photographer friend of mine who is active on Flickr and Zooomr and has been out to two of our Photowalking shoots that Scoble and I have done. He’s got a great eye and is a passionate emerging photographer who I think will go far. His committment to photography as art is impressive and even more so given that he is still a sophomore in high school. Matt had to skip school (with his parents permission of course) to come out on a recent photowalk with us.

I remember back when I first started shooting with an SLR (no digitals back then of course). I was 15 years old and for the first time realized the power of what a camera could truly do. To move beyond the snapshot and move into a type of photography where creativity could completely flourish. I see a lot of what I saw in myself when I was young in Matt and his committment to exploring the world of photography today. He of course has the good fortune of landing in this world when digital is the new tool and as digital photographpy tends to reduce the cost associated with the pursuit I think it is an especially good hobby for kids today. So much of the best creativity in the world comes from the young.

Well anyways, Matt is having his first photography show next Thursday night, the 17th, at the Third Street Grill in San Francisco. He will be sharing the show with artist Todd Berman who will be showing some of his paintings as well.

There will be refreshments there and it will be a great local opportunity to hang out with others who enjoy photography and art. I’m looking forward to the show and look forward to catching up there with whoever else can make it out.

Thursday, May 17th 5:30-8:30pm
695 Third Street at Townsend

To RSVP or learn more you can check out Matt’s page on this event here.

Update: I previously reported this in error as *this* Thursday, it is in fact *next* Thursday, May 17th, sorry for the confusion.

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