Maker Faire 2007 Was a Blast… Literally

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You can check out all of my photos of the 2007 Maker Faire here.

Well I had a great time filming our latest episode of Photwalking with Robert Scoble, Photowalking 10, down at Maker Faire yesterday with Scobleizer. For those of you who have never been, Maker Faire is pretty amazing. The Faire was started by by Dale Dougherty and has grown into a huge annual event.

Robert and I got to spend some time yesterday talking with Make Magazine Senior Editor Phillip Torrone who said that this weekend they were expecting about 50,000 people. That’s about 30,000 more than the 20,000 or so folks who showed up last year. According to Phillip the next Makers Faire will actually be in Austin.

So what exactly is Maker Faire? Well it’s part Burning Man (except not out in the desert and without all the sex and drugs), part obsessive compulsive collector, part inventor’s workshop, and part DYI indie tech geekery.

The highlight of the Faire was probably the launch of over 200 2 litter bottles of Diet Coke using mentos (see photo above). Another highlight was a talk on innovation and computer history by Steve (Woz) Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer. I also really enjoyed checking out Shawna Peterson’s neon exhibit. Shawna offers a class in Emeryville on making neon. Here’s a link about her from Make. I’m trying to build a set of images representing the largest personally shot collection of neon in the world, so you can imagine it was a treat for me to chat with Shawna a bit and check out a photo book of her work.

I brought my son William down with me and we spent most of the day with Robert and Patrick Scoble checking out the event and filming our next episode of photowalking. Robert knows everyone of course so I had a great time meeting lots of new people as well.

It was fun meeting Matt Cutts from Google for the first time. I’ve admired his blog for a while and it was nice to finally get a chance to meet and talk to him face to face. Ryan Block from Engadget was there. Andrew Baron from Rocketboom was there. Robert and I had a nice opportunity to spend some time with both Dale Dougherty who is the Founder of Maker Faire as well as Make Magazine’s Phillip Torrone. And of course it’s always a pleasure spending any time at all with the lovely, no, very lovely, and talented partycrasher herself Sarah Meyers.
“>Jeremiah Owyang
introduced me to one of the Ustream guys. Kristopher and I are hoping to Ustream live when we do our next upgrade of Zooomr. Shel Israel and Dave Alpert shot with us a bit, and… well, damn, there were just a lot of cool people down there to hang out and chat with. I even met a chocolate blogger, Brian Stephens.

I’m definitely looking foward to next year’s Maker Faire. Maybe next year I’ll try to go down for both days. I feel like I got a lot of great shots but didn’t come anywhere close to covering it the way I really would have liked to.

Scoble has his write up on our day here. Scott Beale also has some great photos and a good write up over at Laughing Squid.

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  1. laanba says:

    Love the Diet Coke/Mentos pictures. Bummed because I have work commitments the weekend it is in Austin and won’t be able to drive up.

  2. Bob says:

    Hi, Thomas. Wish I could have photowalked with you. Here are my admittedly less exciting photos: