I Think Flickr Just Sent us some Pizzas!

Working hard over here at Zooomr HQ. I think Flickr just sent us over some pizzas.

Thanks guys.

Update, Stewart says it was Heather who sent over the Pizzas. Thanks Heather!

11 Replies to “I Think Flickr Just Sent us some Pizzas!”

  1. Probably because it’s a little joke someone pulled?

    That is great though. Love the framing of that picture in the background as well.

  2. It might be because they ordered the pizza, requested that the pizza place write it on there…how would you spell it if someone asked you to write a note and hadn’t heard of it?

  3. It’s also one of Flickr’s homepage photos (note that it is flipped horizontally on the homepage)

  4. Kristopher bought the print at a charity print auction at Flickr’s third birthday party.

    It’s one of only 4 that have ever been produced according to it’s photographer Kevin Meredith.

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