Had a Great Time Last Night at the Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer Night Photography Show in Alameda

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To see all of my photographs from last night’s Boneyard Night Photography Opening click through here.

Well I had a really great time last night hanging out with some fantastic photographers and artists over at the Lucky JuJu Pinball Art Gallery in Alameda. I was there for the show opening of Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer’s Boneyard night photography show. The show is a collection of images taken at night out in the desert at an old airplane junkyard near Lancaster, CA. Mostly the junkyard is used for movie sets to film plane crashes and stuff for Hollywood, but Troy and Joe really made the place come alive with their special kind of night fine art photography.

To see more of Troy and Joe’s great art I’d encourage you to check out both of their websites. Troy’s can be found here and Joe’s can be found here. Joe also blogs over here.

And if you love photography then you are definitely going to want to check out Troy Paiva’s book “Lost America, The Abandoned Roadside West.” I bought a copy of Troy’s book last night at the show and it’s fantastic. 128 pages full of super high quality night photography prints and great commentary to accompany the prints. Check it out at the link on Amazon and definitely pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed. Troy said last night that he’s about to begin getting started on a second book so that was great to hear as well.

In addition to the show and art being great and the people there being great, the Lucky JuJu Pinball Art Gallery is a fantastic place to play as well. I’d never been before and it is most certainly one of the best places to hang out in Alameda. The Gallery has about 25 pinball machines. It costs $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 12 to hang out there as long as you want and play all of the machines for free. The Gallery is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight and is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. They also seem to have a very open policy towards photography and I was able to get a lot of great shots of the pinball machines last night.

So on top of the great show and the great venue, I was really pleased to get to spend more time getting to know some of my favorite bay area photographers who came out to support the show.

I’ve long admired razorbern’s stuff on Flickr but hadn’t had a chance to meet him before last night. Razorbern’s real name is Bernie DeChant and he is putting out some of the most amazing photography anywhere today. Bernie shoots pretty much everything, but his architecture shots are some of his greatest. You can check out Bernie’s website here to see more of his art.

I also had the good fortune of spending more time and getting to know Ms Trouble. Ms Trouble of course is her flickr name, her real name is Tracy and she puts out some really great portraits of interesting people that she shoots at all of these events. She’s definitely one of the top portrait photographers on Flickr today.

It was great meeting and hanging out with so many other interesting people at the show last night. Jeremy Brooks was there, Andy Frazer (another great night photographer) was there. I met Todd Lappin who posts to Flickr as Telstar Logistics and knows tons about airplanes. It was also nice meeting Kurt Brockett and his wife who live over in Pleasanton. Kurt tells me there’s some great neon over in Pleasonton so I’m going to have to get out there for an evening photowalk soon.

After the show was over Bernie and Tracy and Paul Clouthier (who edits JPG Magazine) and his wife Alana and Erik and I all went out for drinks at Pinata in Alameda. We had a great night talking about everything from where people bury money to things we’ve all collected to photography and art and all kinds of other fun things. It’s great hanging out with other like minded photographers and being able to dig deep into the art and photography stuff.

Also between all of these things going on last night I was able to get a bunch of new Alameda neon shots for my every growing neon collection.

All in all a great night of art and photography with a bunch of great people.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the way you have presented the four images.

  2. Thomas,
    Thanks for introducing us to a great event. We loved getting out and discovering something new in the Bay Area. It was a fun atmosphere, awesome photography and just overall good people.

    Kurt Brockett

  3. Thomas, that was a fun night… great finally meeting you. Always been a fan of your work, and I’m truly amazed and inspired by how many things you’re up to… I swear you’re the hardest working man in 2.0 business.

    Thank you for your words… hope to meet up again soon.